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Press release of 16.12.2015

Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (EBA Oxford, United Kingdom) on 15th December 2015 a major international event began in South-East Britain — ‘The Oxford Summit of Leaders: Prime Business Destinations.’

Held at Oxford Town Hall, the Oxford Summit of Leaders is an interactive platform for international cooperation. Since 2000 it has been held at significant locations throughout the worlds scientific community. During these years it has been attended by more than 6000 delegates from 56 countries.
This year participants exceeded 150, among them were members of parliament, representatives of ministries, scientists, city managers, business organizations and higher educational institutions from forty countries.

In the morning of December 15th the EBA Academic Lounge was opened by Lord Digby Jones, Crossbench peer of The House of Lords, UK. The EBA Lounge is your ‘ home from home’ allowing you to have a relaxing and stress free stay in Oxford, as well as supporting your business in the UK. We will assist you with the promotion of your company from its registration through to expansion, by providing you with highly qualified personal to see to your business needs in the UK. 

The plenary session of the Summit of Leaders was held in the Main Hall of Oxford Town Hall and was opened with the keynote speech ‘Knowledge is the third millennium currency’ by Lord Digby Jones.
It was followed by welcome addresses from The Europe Business Assembly Director General Prof. John W. Netting; Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of the European Medical Association, Honourary President of the Academic Union, Oxford; Mrs. Christina Briggs, President of the International Club of Leaders (ICL); Mr. Heinz Wehrle, President of the Prime Business Destinations programme and Prof. Gary Jacobs, CEO, World University Consortium, USA.

The Annual Academic Union gathering session was moderated by Dr. Andrew McCulloch, CEO, Picker Institute Europe which had 15 presentations of academic projects and international cooperation and development programmes which have expanded the opportunities for academic and scientific cooperation for summit participants.
At the end of the AU Academic Gathering, new members were admitted to the Club of Rectors (CRE) and the Academic Union (AU) in their fields of expertise, academics included: Prof. Lev S. Belousov, Doctor in History, Rector of the Russian International Olympic University, Russian Federation, Dr. Sheikh Mamun Khaled, Vice Chancellor Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Bangladesh, Prof. Vladimir Trukhachev, Rector, ‘Stavropol State Agrarian University, Russian Federation, Prof. Vincent ado Tenebe, Vice Chancellor, National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria, Prof. AbdulSattar Ahmad Al-Alusi PhD, FCQI CQP, President and CEO, Member of BOG, Emirates College For Management and Information Technology, UAE, Dr. Askhat Ryspaev, Head of University, National Defense University, Republic of Kazakhstan and Assoc. Prof. Rami Al-Hadeethi, The University of Jordan, Jordan.

Simultaneously in the Assembly Room of the Oxford Town Hall the business meeting for leading regional companies was held and moderated by Prof. Glauco De Vita, Centre for Business in Society (CBiS), Coventry

University, UK together with Mrs. Christina Briggs, President of the International Club of Leaders (ICL), Mr. Heinz Wehrle, President of the Prime Business Destinations programme.

After a very productive business session the companies were awarded the Quality Standard license and medal, winners include: Mr. Noam Lederman, Principal of Academy of Rock Pte Ltd, Singapore; Mrs. Takakneary Seng, Founder/Managing Director of SentoSaSilk, Cambodia; Mr. Gevorg Stepanyan, Plastic Surgeon of GSclinic, Republic of Armenia and Mr.Bolat Dosmailov, CEO of LLP Zheleznodorozhnik-2007, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Academic Union also presented its international incentive Smart Education Platform, to be launched next year (2016) on the basis of the Club of Rectors and Academic Union member-universities.
A master class from the EBA Speakers’ Bureau representatives: Mr. Heinz Wehrle, Mr. Robert Bullard and Mr. Paul Gauci, was given in the framework of the Summit of Leaders introducing their author programmes and courses.

In accordance with tradition, the highlight of the EBA Summit of Leaders was the ‘Socrates Award Ceremony’. A celebratory inauguration of the winners of international awards was held on the evening of 15th December, 2015, in the Main Hall of the Oxford Town Hall. The outstanding representatives of science, academia and business were nominated for prestigious awards of high professional achievement in their fields of activity.

A festive Gala Dinner in honor of the guests of the summit was held afterwards.

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